“Buried Conscience” -- Excision [English in original] A man cried, His wife and two daughters were killed during riots "Why they murdered my family? What's my fault?" Nobody could answer his questions Picture of life Painted by unending bitterness throughout history Yet few people are still showing their kindness and morality When others are just gone ignorant Conscience is not dead yet But severely buried to the depths For decades we have learned how to bury How to bury our own conscience "Don't blame them for the pain you feel... ...they do not know what they do" I know that sin is real And it makes us too blind to see Immanent knowledge was lost long ago But it has been replaced by grace That man won't suffer any longer And so are we, homo ignarus (ignorant human) “Rezim Dosomuko”-- Sekarat Suara hati nurani rakyat Tegakkan benaran di bumi Seret dalam kebingungan Sistem politik ego penguasa Rapuh dan sengsara rakyat Panik dalam ketakutan Hidup dalam ketidakadilan Tragis tak berpengharapan Hilang… Rezim orde baru Daulat rakyat dirampas Pancasila tameng kuasa Hukum dikangkangi Buruh dipasung Parlemen dikebiri Pers dimandulkan Nilai HAM diinjak-injak Budaya diseragamkan Pendidikan tlah dijinakkan Ekonomi wajah nepotisme Monopoli…Korupsi…Kolusi Nyata penjajahan baru Orba sengsarakan rakyat… English Translation: The pure voice of the people’s conscience Maintaining truthfulness on Earth Dragged under in confusion A political system ruled by egotism The people brittle and suffering Panicking in fear Life under injustice Tragedy with no hope Lost… The New Order regime The fortunes of the people confiscated Official ideology a pretext for power The law strangled Labor repressed Parliament castrated The press sterilized The value of human rights trampled Culture homogenized Education has been tamed The economy has the face of nepotism Monopoly, Corruption, Collusion The result is neo-colonialism The New Order regime torments the people…


Straightjacket” -- Norm Rejection I’ve just found out Where I’ll direct my anger I’m gonna devastate The makers of my hate I’m gonna devastate Designers of my fate I’m gonna devastate The makers of my hate I know it ain’t too late To get out of this state Oppress, no more Revolt, galore I can’t see any more Your world begins to fall My fist into your face Freedom – I wanna taste From “Wandering Knight” – Achiral You’ve destroyed my life and all I believed Now that I know what my soul really is As I look and see well deep inside me, Alone! Where shall I go and what shall I do? I’m a wandering knight, it’s the curse of my life An eternal night in which I seek to hide Temples were built and empires shall fall But the walls of my mind can they ever again stand tall! So many rules were spoken in my childhood days They’ve kept me blind but sane As I start to see, shall I lose my brain? The paths I now shall tread shall be decided by me Shall I rule my own destiny? In this world alone I travel to seek…. what is what I seek?


Here are the lyrics to the song "Indonesia," from Singaporean grindcore trio Wormrot's 2010 album Abuse. Clearly the band was impressed by what it found when it toured that country in 2008. Unite as one Appreciate, highness feast care less fucks, punk at heart DIY till die, in a 3rd world nation Respect overloaded, they deserve to rise Quality humanity is what the world should fucking be Memories that we had Fuck the rest, you all the best You drunken fucks, we shall meet again Unity once more, grind to the fucking core Unite, as one [a more-or-less literal translation of the patriotic Indonesian slogan Bersatulah!]