Table of Contents

The Global Spread of Heavy Metal

1 “Introduction: Affective Overdrive, Scene Dynamics, and Identity in the Global Metal Scene ” by Jeremy Wallach, Harris M. Berger, and Paul D. Greene.

2 “The Globalization of Metal” by Deena Weinstein.

Metal, Gender, Modernity

3 “‘A Dream Return to Tang Dynasty’: Masculinity, Male Camaraderie, and Chinese Heavy Metal in the 1990s” by Cynthia P. Wong.

4 “Unleashed in the East: Metal Music, Masculinity, and ‘Malayness’ in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore” by Jeremy Wallach.

Metal and the Nation

5 “Electronic and Affective Overdrive: Tropes of Transgression in Nepal’s Heavy Metal Scene.” by Paul D. Greene.

6 “Otherwise National: Locality and Power in the Art of Sepultura” by Idelber Avelar.

Metal and Extremist Ideologies

7 “The Marketing of Anglo-Identity in the North American Hatecore Metal Industry” by Sharon Hochhauser.

8 “Musical Style, Ideology, and Mythology in Norwegian Black Metal” by Ross Hagen.

9 “‘You Are from Israel and That Is Enough to Hate You Forever’: Racism, Globalization and Play within the Global Extreme Metal Scene” by Keith Kahn-Harris.

Metal and the Music Industry

10 “Arenas of the Imagination: Global Tours and the Heavy Metal Concert in the 1970s” by Steve Waksman.

11 “Thunder in the Far East: The Heavy Metal Industry in 1990s Japan” by Kei Kawano and Shuhei Hosokawa.

Small Nation/Small Scene Case Studies

12 “Metal in a Micro Island State: An Insider’s Perspective” by Albert Bell.

13 “Noisy Crossroads: Metal Scenes in Slovenia” by Rajko Muršič.

14 “Nako: The Metal in the Marrow of Easter Island Music” by Dan Bendrups.

Afterword by Robert Walser.

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