Table of Contents

The Global Spread of Heavy Metal

1. Introduction: Affective Overdrive, Scene Dynamics, and Identity in the Global Metal Scene by Jeremy Wallach, Harris M. Berger, and Paul D. Greene.

2. The Globalization of Metal by Deena Weinstein.

Metal, Gender, Modernity

3. A Dream Return to Tang Dynasty: Masculinity, Male Camaraderie, and Chinese Heavy Metal in the 1990’s by Cynthia P. Wong.

4. Unleashed in the East: Metal Music, Masculinity, and “Malayness” in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore by Jeremy Wallach.

Metal and the Nation

5. Electronic and Affective Overdrive: Tropes of Transgression in Nepal’s Heavy Metal Scene by Paul D. Greene.

6. Otherwise National: Locality and Power in the Art of Sepultura by Idelber Avelar.

Metal and Extremist Ideologies

7. The Marketing of Anglo-Identity in the North American Hatecore Metal Industry Sharon Hochhauser.

8. Musical Style, Ideology, and Mythology in Norwegian Black Metal by Ross Hagen.

9. You Are from Israel and That Is Enough to Hate You Forever: Racism, Globalization and Play within the Global Extreme Metal Scene by Keith Kahn-Harris.

Metal and the Music Industry

10. Arenas of the Imagination: Global Tours and the Heavy Metal Concert in the 1970’s by Steve Waksman.

11. Thunder in the Far East: The Heavy Metal Industry in 1990s Japan by Kei Kawano and Shuhei Hosokawa.

Small Nation/Small Scene Case Studies

12. Metal in a Micro Island State: An Insider’s Perspective by Albert Bell.

13. Noisy Crossroads: Metal Scenes in Slovenia by Rajko MurÅ¡iÄ.

14. Nako: The Metal in the Marrow of Easter Island Music by Dan Bendrups.

Afterword by Robert Walser.

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