Metal and Popular Culture Conference Postponed / Indonesian Metal in Toledo, Ohio



Due to some competing metal studies conferences being scheduled around the same time, the planning committee has decided to postpone the Heavy Metal and Popular Culture Conference to spring 2013. The conference will be held in Bowling Green, Ohio on the campus of Bowling Green State University. Please watch this space for further details!

In other news, my fiancée was looking through the used metal section at RamaLama Records in Toledo and thought there was something oddly familiar about the foreign language printed on one of the CDs. Sure enough, it was an album by Siksakubur from Jakarta, which I recognized right away, even though I was quite surprised to encounter it in Northwest Ohio outside my own living quarters. Turns out Rob (the owner) gets a lot of his used CDs from a guy who orders albums from all over the world (another album we found and I purchased just because of the name was Extremely Rotten Flesh from Colombia). So then we looked through the rest of the section to find more albums by Indonesian bands, which were not necessarily on Indonesian or Southeast Asian labels. Here’s what we found, in no particular order:

  • Dead Squad — Horror Vision, Rottrevore Records (Indonesia), 2010 [I already had a copy of this, having bought it at Terror Merch in South Jakarta in January].
  • Hellbeyond — The Strongest Stand Last, Rottrevore Records (Indonesia), 2010.
  • Funeral Inception — Anthems of Disenchantment, Warpath Records (France), 2002.
  • Bloody Gore — Stench of Your Perversions, original album recorded in Indonesia in 1999 [I have the cassette], CD reissue on Fetal Tampon Disease Records (US), no date.
  • Decomposed — Putrid Stench Purulency, Coyote Records (Russia), 2008.
  • Siksakubur — Eye Cry, Rottrevore Records (Indonesia), 2003.

We also found two from Singapore:

  • Arbitrary Element — Process of Extermination Recluse Production (Singapore) 2007.
  • Split EP by I Abhor and Wormrot — Scrotum Jus Records (Singapore) 2010.

Finally, I want to end with a plug for a website I just ran across for a proposed book of photos of Southeast Asian underground music scenes:

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  1. maju terus musik metal indonesia jangan mau kalah ama boy ben ??dan 1 lagi nih terus lah berkarya samapai mati>>

  2. Is this conference accepting proposals for entry? I wrote a rhetorical criticism on Slayer for a graduate course and thought that with a little editing and expansion that it would be fun to share.

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